Cloverleaf Barrel Racing Productions

Barrel Racing Productions

Wild West Wednesdays 2021

Every Wednesday night July 7th – August 18th 2021. 2D with 1 second splits.

Rodeo environment with crowds, loud noises and bright lights! Saddle awarded to high point rider.

$50 Entry Fee – NO OFFICE FEE

80% Payback

Entries -Monday BEFORE Wednesday event 6-9pm. Text 605-315-7883

Late entries accepted on-site РNO LATE FEE. Must pay before you compete. 

***Nightly payout depends on total entries***

Series points: 1D & 2D are equal points. 1st= 10pts, 2nd = 9pts… etc.

Series Tie-Breakers will be made on (1) Series attendance (2) Money Won

Saddle to the Series Champion!

FULL DRESS CODE- Even for slack. 

Hit barrel is a No Time. Broken pattern is a No Time.

DO NOT CLEAN OUT YOUR GARBAGE OR YOUR TRAILER! Hart Ranch is a beautiful location with a great atmosphere to run in. Let’s keep up the good work and make sure Hart Ranch wants us to keep coming back!

Gate Fee: If you are not entered during pre-entries, you will be charged an admission fee. Those who pre-entered get a +1 ONLY. Please plan on paying if you have more than the contestant plus one.

Follow the parking instructor.

Most important rule! Represent our sport and HAVE FUN!

10 Barrel racers will draw up in the performance at 7 pm and the rest will run in slack after the performance.

DRESS CODE: Long sleeve western shirt and cowboy hat or helmet.

Text 605-315-7883 to ENTER or for more information.

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