Cloverleaf Barrel Racing Productions

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The 6th Annual Blitz

2023 Results

~ Holy smokes! Another year in the books! Thank you to all the sponsors, crew and amazing contestants that make each year such a success! ~


- Can late enter/buyout futurity/derby until office closes on Thursday night.
Can late enter open by noon each day.

Stalls are reserved through Bowman Fairgrounds. Stalls are made from panels. Please keep this in mind when reserving your stalls. For questions or concerns, contact Chad Miller at 701-523-1340.

Cloverleaf assumes no responsibility for anything related to stalling or camping reservations at The Blitz.

$10,000 Added Open 5D

$2500 Added Leanin Pole Arena Futurity (4-5 yrs)

$2000 Added Revive Equine Derby (5-8yrs)

$10,000 Future Fortunes Bonus

$10,000 Nexus Bonus

$22,000 Homegrown Stallion

$7500 Homegrown Heiress

$10,000 Diamond Classic

American Qualifier (Central)

WPRA Badlands Permit Finals

WPRA Badlands DC Finals

$1000 Added BBR Xtra Sidepot

All Runs Count Sidepot

Senior (45+) Sidepot FRIDAY ONLY

Tentative Event Schedule

*Thursday Sept 14, 12:00pm – 9:00pm Exhibitions

*Friday Sept 15, 9:00am Leanin Pole Arena Futurity Round 1

Revive Equine Derby Round 1 to follow

$5000 Added Open 5D – $10,000 Nexus Bonus

6:00pm Calcutta

7:00 pm Badlands Circuit DC Finals

(Open 5D will finish after DC Finals if needed)

*Saturday Sept 16, 9:00am Leanin Pole Arena Futurity Round 2 (Reverse Order)

Revive Equine Derby Round 2 (Reverse Order) to follow

12:00pm American Contender

$5000 Added Open 5D – $10,000 FF Bonus

7:00 pm $2000 Added Medora Boots Senior Slot Race

(Open 5D will finish after Slot Race if needed)

*Sunday Sept 17, 10:00am $500+ Added ‘Poker Chip Draw’ Open 5D

Enter on site – draw a poker chip for run position – Enjoy another chance at some $!




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