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SOLD OUT Exhibitions 7:00-7:29


Date(s) - September 15, 2022
7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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2022 Blitz Exhibitions 7:00-7:29 Thursday 9/15/22

  • Exhibitions are $6 each and limited to 1 minute.
  • Please be ready to go when it is your turn.
  • A list will be posted as soon as each block fills¬†at
  • Limited to 5 per person in each time slot.
  • Once purchased, exhibitions can be sold but all transactions will the responsibility of the original purchaser.
  • It is the responsibility of the original purchaser to let Cloverleaf Productions know the exhibitions have been sold, and who they were sold to.


  • No need to register or try to sign in. Just say ‘add to cart’.
  • After adding selection to cart, scroll back to the top to navigate to check out or more exhibitions!
  • If you select exhibitions from a time slot and then go back and try to add more later, you will have to delete the original order out of your cart and start that time slot selection over.
  • You are limited to a maximum of 5 per slot.
  • There is a navigation menu at the BOTTOM of the Check Out page.


This slot is fully booked.

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